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Creating Purchase Order

Trying to figure out a simple purchase order solution but it’s a bit harder than I anticipated.

My app has Catalog Items. Each catalog item has minimum inventory and current inventory.
I want to create purchase orders showing the catalog item, and quantity ordered.
When the order arrives in the store, we will verify that what’s in the box matches the purchase order in our system. We then hit "add to inventory, " and it’ll update the catalog items with the additional inventory from the order.

I’m stuck at square one, though. If I want to add 50 of Catalog Item A to the purchase order, what’s the best way? I’ve tried a repeating group with all catalog items. In each cell, there is a button to add that item to the new purchase item. How do I input a number for how many of that thing I want to add to the purchase order, like a shopping cart?

I get how to make a list of catalog items under each purchase order. How do I make a list of various quantities of different catalog items under a purchase order, by using an input for the number of items?

Hey @jason1,

Try this:

Create a data type called “Line Item” with the following fields:

Catalog Item (type Catalog Item)
Quantity (type number)

Then your Purchase Order type will have a field for “Line Items” that is a list of the above Line Item type.

So, to create a Purchase Order with multiple Line Items of various Catalog Items with different quantities, you could have your repeating group of Catalog Items with an input field and an “add” button in the cell. Type in a number for qty for each item you want to add to the order…

When Add is clicked > Create new line item: Catalog Item = Current Cell’s Catalog Item, Qty = Input Integer’s value > Make a change to Purchase Order (you’ll need to either create the Purchase Order thing before Line Items are created or check “Create if doesn’t exist”): List of Line Items add result of step one.

Now, your purchase order contains a list of Line Items, which are each made up of the Catalog Item and the Quantity for that Item. When an order comes in, you’ll look up the Purchase Order by some kind of Identifying field (e.g. Order #) and then confirm the quantity received is the same as the quantity value set in each item’s line item.

You can have a repeating group to call up the entire purchase order’s line items to do the check. A text element should display the item name and also the qty ordered. Have an input here to enter the qty received. Add a button for adding to inventory. When button is clicked > Make a change to current cell’s Catalog Item: Current Inventory = This Catalog Item’s Current Inventory + Input’s value.

Try it out and please post back here if you have any questions.

Gaby | Coaching Bubble


Gaby, thank you!

This is a great solution to the problem. It got me over the hump and I really appreciate the thoughtful response, you’re awesome!

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I am having a problem creating the orderline :frowning:

when the qty changes it should update (or create) the relevant orderline item, but it won´t let me access orderlines from the RG. Any idea what I´m doing wrong?

Thansk so much.

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