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Creating Quiz for the Students


I have built a Education app of Digital Marketing.
I have created a dashboard from where I can upload the Case Studies related to Digital Marketing.

All the case studies will reflect here - Free Digital Marketing Practice Exercise 2021 - Previous Case studies with Solution | Bridge Gap

Also, created a dashboard for Quiz from where I can upload Questions and Answers.

The problem, I am facing right now is, I am not able to internal link it.
The case studies which I have uploaded and the questions related to that case studies should be display on the case study page but not able to do that.

I have also tried to display on it another page but not able to do that also.
I have also built a Question category but not able to pass the data to another page…

Can you any one tell me where I am going wrong.

Hey @wsu.app18

Thanks for the post and good question!

There are quite a few ways to link data together, but it can certainly be done and I’m happy to give a suggestion of how to do it. First, you’ll want to set up your database. So, your questions might need a case study field and also a category field. Depending on your categories, you might create those as their own data type or as an option set.

On the page where you create your questions, you might have a dropdown who’s source is search for case studies. That way, as you create each question, you can select and save which case study it should be associated with. To do this, you would save the value of the case study dropdown to the case study field on the question data type.

To view a particular case study, you might set up a page that’s specifically used for viewing a single case study and set it’s content type to case study. Whenever you navigate to that page, Bubble will ask you which case study you’d like to display. On the page, you can reference, current page’s case study to pull and display information about the case study. And, you might have a repeating group on the page to display questions where the source of the repeating group is ‘do a search for questions’ where Case Study = current page’s case study.

Hopefully this helps get you pointed in the right direction! Give it a try and don’t hesitate to reach out to us directly with any questions at [email protected]

Hi @AndrewV

Thanks for the reply,
I have already created the Case Study page and it will display current case study.
I have taken your advice and added dropdown in the question section.

But problem is that, I have more than 80 case studies approx. 100 and in dropdown it is displaying all the case studies.

Can you tell me how should I show display only that case study which added in a week or last three days in dropdown?

Nice work getting this implemented! And you’re right, with that many, the dropdown won’t be the best option for selecting those Case Studies. There are two directions you could go with this. First, our searchbox would be much more efficient with that number. You could consider implementing it instead of the dropdown which should bring some performance improvements and allow you to keep the full list. Otherwise, you might consider putting some extra constraints on your dropdown source if you wanted to only show recent items. For instance, you might use a constraint that is something like Created Date > Current date & time +days -21. Essentially, this would only include any Case Studies that were created in the last 3 weeks.

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