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Creating receipt which is "list of things) using sengrid


iI am trying to create a receipt email for my apps but the thing is, the list of items is stored as list of things. currently im using copilot sendgrid plugin but havent be able to create a repeating group in my email to display these list of things. is there any way for me to display list of things in html email?
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Hi @acap,
Did you manage to solve this on your own?
I’d like to do the same.

yeah finally did. do tell me what r u trying to do. maybe i can help

After the user select fruits and veggies she/he wants among a full list, I have created a popup to show what she/he is currently ordering (this data comes from the database mainly and some of them are from custom states). This data is text but also repeating groups.

Once the user hits the ‘Send’ button, an email is sent to the company with pretty much the same info that was in the popup (in a table-format like).

Any idea, how I could do this?

Many thanks for your help @acap

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