Creating records in a subtable when primary record is created

Hello, I’m creating a research analysis tool which enables me to create a list of interviewees; record interviews with them; and then extract and score their views on a predefined list of questions. Creating the list and recording the interviews works just fine - the issue I’m having is how record their views.

I have a table called “interviewee” (transcript in the image below) and a separate table called “questions” (what is the problem in the image below). What I was planning to do is set up another table called “sentiment” which would be linked to both of the first two tables i.e. the sentiment value would be related to the combination of interviewee/question. I’m still quite new to Bubble so I’m not 100% sure if I have defined this table correctly, but in “sentiment” I referenced both the other tables as below:

Now what I need to do is create new records in the sentiment table either when I create the interviewee record or when I click a button on the screen next to the interviewee. Each record in the sentiment table would have the value of the current interviewee and one of the questions (so multiple records need to be created i.e. one for each question, for the current interviewee). Those records then need to be displayed in a repeating group so I can assign a score to each.

Hope this all makes sense - can someone give some advice on what I should do?

You need to Schedule a API workflow on a list for which you need to pass the list of questions and have an action to Create A New Thing (Sentiment). So a new Sentiment will be created for each question in the list of questions.

You can do this when creating an Interviewee or later by clicking a button on the Interviewee’s profile.

Does that make sense?