Creating relationships with user data

Hello Bubble peps, I need to know if this is possible in bubble…

I have a list of users with these basic fields, name, handicap and points. I want to know if there is a way to make a relationship with handicap and points. For example: If a user’s handicap is a number (lets use 4) then they have to score 35 points any user who has a handicap of 4 must score 35 points. Lets say a player gets better, I trigger the handicap to increase to a new number (5), then; can the points for that user change automatically to 50 based on their handicap. All players who are a handicap (5) have to score 50 points.

In excel,
Its something that’s pretty easy in excel. If A1 = 4 then A2 = 35, if A1 = 5 then A2 = 50. Cant help but my mind thinks like excel alot :confused:


Thinking in terms of Excel is great!

The above is very easily done in Bubble. :grinning: