Creating Report

My app has got 4 buttons: (Button 1, Button 2, Button 3, Button 4)
Every button takes the user to a different page.

What i want is; once the user selects a button, this event is recorded

In report tab (filerable on date), I want to display the number of times “Button number” was clicked.

Create a table with your “Actions” on it. One text field and one number field.

Each time a button is clicked increment the relevant row’s number.

Or you could create a “Clicks” table, with a text field.

Then store a click each time a button is pressed, with a value for button 1/2/3/4 …

Display the count of rows.

Or do it with Google Analytics events.

Thanks. I have been able to record data but somehow not able to use this properly.
To put in perspective, now i have:
Field 1 (Type = text) = ‘Button 1’ or ‘Button 2’ or ‘Button 3’ or ‘Button 4’
Field 2 = Standard Created date

I want report where:
User enters “Date Range”

Gets a table back displaying, within that date range:
Button 1 = 4 times
Button 2 = 6 times
Button 3 = 2 times
Button 4 = 4 times

I thought i could get rid of doing all this date entry etc. by using amcharts however not able to set fields.

Any suggestions from someone?

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