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Creating reports and graphs by nesting repeating groups

I need help to create a report so I can chart the data. I understand from other posts here on the forum I need to do this by nesting a repeating group in a repeating group
So my Data types and fields are
Campsite Type

  • Type - Text (eg RV Park)


  • Name - Text
  •   Type	   - Campsite Type

Day Summary

  • Day count - Number
  • Cost per night - Number
  • Campsite - Campsite

So each campsite has a type – that is RV park, National Park, Free Camp etc
Each night in a campsite is recorded with start date and end date to calculate number of nights (day count) and campsite cost to calculate cost per night. All this is saving in the database OK
So now I want to report and graph

  • Number of nights in each campsite type
  • Total Cost in each campsite type
  • Average cost in each campsite type

So how do I nest the repeating groups to show this data???

I have re-created this in the forum app with data to help explain