Creating same ID?


let say i have an AppData named Parts and under that has a column Part Name and Price

– Part Name
– Price

then i’ll fetch that parts using a RepeatingGroup so i’ll do a search of Parts then set a text as current cell’s Part and current cell’s Price.

then i have a button “ADD” when i clicked it, it will create a new thing called “Chosen Parts” under that has a column of Part Name, Price and will generate an alphanumeric as Part ID.

Chosen Parts
– Part Name
– Price
– Part ID

i know how to generate an alphanumeric using a Clculate RandomString but my question is How can i make the Chosen Parts will have the same Part ID everytime i click the ADD button?

because i want to show it again on a RepeatingGroup and will do a search Chosen Parts with a Constraint of Part ID = current cell’s Part’s ID so that all Parts that has the same Part ID will only show on that RepeatingGroup

I’m getting lost at your last sentence, trying to understand the logic and the purpose of Part ID, but if you need it you can create these Part IDs in advance in Parts table or some separate table, and then take the same value from it if the part becomes chosen again. I cannot deduce from your description whether each Part gets the same Part ID every time or there are many Part IDs for each Part.

nvm i got it sort out…

what i did is create an input field that generate random string as the Part ID and add a button when all parts are listed it will create a new thing to save the chosen parts and add the input fields that has the random string “Part ID”

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