Creating Saved Lists

Hi all - Apologies I’m new to bubble (previously used Softr) so sorry if this is explained poorly. But I want to create a contact directory platform that will be admin inputted data that users on my platform can view and then save individual inputs into their own custom lists. In softr, I created specific record IDs for each user created list and then when a user added an admin inputted data point to their list I would add their user created list ID to admin inputted data in a specific cell and set a filter so only they could view it. That cell could hold up to 50,000 record IDs and the filter would go through them for each list.

I’ve figured out how to copy data over from one bubble app data table to another but when I update the original data point it doesn’t carry over to the users saved list. Is there a way where I could create a similar filtering/record ID functionality so it updates for users automatically in their lists when I update the admin inputted data.

Again I’m new to bubble so I apologize if that wasn’t explained clearly.

Please share screenshots of your setup, database, workflow etc. Someone will surely help.