Creating stores through my platform

I’m looking to launch a platform where we host stores directly on the platform, so if customers come by our platform, they can either shop on it or launch a store on it. The question I have is, am I able to make it so that when users want to create a store, they can drop containers, kind of like bubble, but of course it is more simplified and intended to be an easier task to put together for customers to come and shop from you? Kind of like Shopify, but a narrowed down version.

Hi there, @cioroianuraul… what you described is possible, and since you mentioned Shopify, it probably couldn’t hurt to start by checking out this blog post.


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Thank you Mike, just what I needed!

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I also have another question which you might be able to answer. It is a little silly don’t get me wrong, but i genuinely don’t know why it does this. Why is it that when I go into preview mode the website is stuck to the left-hand side? but when I am on a different page like the signup page, it’s back to normal in the middle. Did I do something wrong, and does it mess with the website itself?

Time to dig in and learn about responsiveness. :slight_smile: