Creating Title and meta descriptions for dynamic product descriptions


How can I create separate Header titles and meta description for individual products on a dynamic website setup. Right now, I am unable to edit the headers and meta descriptions which is a major problem for SEO purposes when driving traffic for individual products.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

The page content can be used in the description and the custom header.

Thanks, but how can I access this to add the header and meta descriptions to the products. It seems when I click on the products, there is no option to insert headers or metas for those products and only on the main index page. Can you please elaborate how I can do this? Thanks so much!

What I mean is that I am confused where I can click on the specific product that I want to change the header and meta description for. There doesn’t seem to be a way to get to the exact product that I need to update so I am unsure which description for which product would be getting changed. This is very important because we need to get the SEO titles and meta descriptions updated ASAP. Again, thanks for any help with the issue!

How familiar are you with the concept of the current page’s thing? The way it works is that you use the current page’s product (or whatever that is) information to define the page’s dynamic header/description.

Hi, Emmanuel.

I am really not too familiar with the current page’s thing. I would need more specific information to implement the changes to the different product title, tags, and meta descriptions. Is it not possible because the products are dynamic?

It seems like this should be a fairly simple thing to implement for SEO purposes but I can’t seem to figure it out.

Is there any clear explanation for how I might be able to make these changes or direct support that can look at my site to provide more hands-on support? Any help is urgent and greatly appreciated!

Thank you!

@orders have you taken the “sending data to pages” lesson? It’s available from your Bubble home page.

Basically you can give a page a “type of content”. For you it would be the data type you created for your products.

Here’s an example showing “request” instead of “product” in the “Type of content” property.

You can dynamically set the “page title”. Here’s an example showing my application name and then taking the “Short Description” field for the “request” as the page title.

Here’s it showing on the browser tab for a Request page.

Then at the bottom of that dialog for the page element, is a property for “Description”. This property can accept dynamic data. So if you had a field like “Title” in your “Product” data type, then you could put “Current Page Product’s Title” in this property. You can mix static text and dynamic data together.

Here’s an example showing my data type of “Request” in place of “Product”

Here’s the source code showing the “description”.

The “Page” element is always the top most element in this menu

Here’s the full Properties dialog for the “Request” page element.


Thank you for the detailed response. I am going to give this a try and see if I can figure it out and it works. I will let you know, thanks again for the detailed response!

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