Creating To-do list: Display input

Creating a to do list:
I have an input field and a save button. At the click of the save button, I would like to display the results of that input (possibly into a text field), and populate a checkbox next to it. The checkbox would be for the next step for the user to record the completion of the task when the user clicks on the checkbox. The save button should also hide and display a new edit button to be able to change the input if desired.

I am struggling to display the single input into a text field when the save button is clicked. I found a way to reset and hide the input field, but I have not figured out how to have the input upon clicking the save button display in a new text field.

Any suggestions on getting the input to display upon clicking the save button?

Are you saving it to the database as a Thing?

Yes it is being save to the database as a thing. What might be the best way to display that “thing” when added to the data base (Container, text field, etc)?

Hi Jason, I m just bubbling a todolist too.
what you can do:
add an input “todo note” + save button
Add a repeatgroup field below
inside the repeat group create another input field.
llnk the input field to the table field for the “note” (column)
The function to retreive your existing records to display them in the grouplist should be s/t like :
Current cell’S (your table name)'S (your table Field)
(that goes to the field in the repeating group)
and voila…your records should display in each line…


see also here : Missing step, how to separate notes by line? SOLVED

Thanks! Any ideas of how to display only the latest input entered and not a list with the previous entries?

hmm, several ways i guess,
one is limiting the display of the list to X lines, in param I guess. / you can sort those items my date with most recent one at top.
other ways would be using a search option then criteria using Creation dates (thats what I used ) …otherwise you d had to number each records and specify some search “after records number X” …but i think its more tricky…although doable.