Creating user profile is not working

I am creating a marketplace and added a place for users to create a profile to be shown on the main page. The idea is that the main page will host all profiles so customers can filter through to find the right seller. My filters and repeating group were working and showing the profiles when I added the data manually, but for some reason once I added the “create profile” function within the marketplace itself, it is not working. Has anyone experienced a similar issue or know how to navigate?

Have you checked in your database? are the users being created? (Data > App data > users), new registered users should appear there.
If so, maybe you have to configure correctly your privacy settings

The users are being created so perhaps it is a data privacy issue. I have attached a screenshot of the user data. You can see that “makerProfile” (which is the profile information for the seller) sits under user which is private. Do you have any tips on how to fix data privacy if it is nested?

Go to the app data tab under data and check if there are new record for each new user created/makerProfile created.
for testing you can go to privacy tab and remove every privacy restrictions for the needed data types (in everyone else- default permisisons → view all fields, find in searches should be checked), then you should see the data displayed correctly.
check this guide from bubble


I went through the video and gathered that I need to have ‘makerProfile’ visible to all in searches. I tried doing that and to make all user info available to everyone, but for some reason it is still not working. The repeating group worked previously when I manually added the data as an admin, but now is not working since I added the ability for users to make their own profile. I can see the data stored properly as well, so I am attaching an image of the repeating group in case there is something I am missing. Thank you so much for the help! I am hoping it is something very simple that I am forgetting.

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