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Creating user "types"

I would like to create user types such as “Mentor”, “Mentee”, “Sponsored Profile”. how do i accomplish this? I would like to create a repeating group that displays posts by “Sponsored Profiles”

have a text field on the user that specifies the type of user. Add a constraint on the repeating group of type= whatever type you want to show

Make sure your posts have user that created them attached to it.


if i want to set who can have a sponsored profile what do i do? i don’t want anybody to be able to have a sponsored profile so how do i control those permissions

who do you want to be able to set those permissions? make a permissions group or link to a page that is only visible to the type of user that can set those permissions.

i did that but i am trying to create a repeating group that displays posts created by users who have a type of “sponsored profile”

you can give posts a type and then in the constraints either use type=Sponsored or Sponsored=y/n.
just have every person that is allowed to create sponsored posts update the sponsored part of the post or have every created post always set what type of post it is.

You should be able to put that in an Advanced Filter… so a bit like …

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