Creation of Agile Working Tool: Idea Backlog and Ranking of Ideas


We have trouble building our own Agile Working Tool. Therefore, we are looking for a developer who could help us with this. The tool should have the following functionalities:

  • User LoginIn/SignUp
  • Users can submit their ideas (Form is filled out and send to an overview board) - the overview board should contain several filters
  • Users can rank each idea (Users can give a score based on three categories (Probability, Importance & Ease) - the average score of each category is build, averages are multiplied to a total score)

I have a more detailed description in form of a PPT.

Looking forward hearing from you !!

Thank you in advance for your help,


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Hi @sneusser91

Just PM’d you, please, check.


Parghev Kocharyan
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Thank you @parghev , I made a request for an offer on Bubblewits.

Hi Stephanie,

Please check your inbox for details. I will be glad to assist you at very economical cost.

Best regards,
Scott W.

Have you looked at the trello clone written in Bubble? You may want to consider purchasing something like this and then working with a developer to customize it to your specific needs.

I’m not suggesting your tool should work like trello. But, by starting with a copy of trello that’s written in Bubble, you can likely finish your app much quicker and with a lower cost.


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I would say better yet our Product Hunt clone :slight_smile:

as @parghev mentioned we can do all the development and/or template customization if you choose to go that way :slight_smile:
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