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Credential and Bearer Token API Authentication

Hi, I’m trying to connect to an aspnetboilerplate back-end API to retrieve data for my bubble app. The API requires a POST to be send with credentials in the body in JSON format. Then the reply will contain the access token. The access token then needs to be used in every request moving forward as the Authorization header. This is a bearer token scenario. Here is the link to their instructions in how to get it working with postman, how do I setup a custom API in bubble for this?

Do you have it working in postman yet? I ask as once you’ve got it there, it’s easy to pull into bubble what you need and also to iterate with IMO.

Have you set up anything in bubble yet?

Yes, I have it working as separate requests. One to get the token and another to use the token and fetch some data.

I have an app setup in bubble using single sign-on to authenticate against our corporate domain. That’s it so far. How do I pull postman into bubble?

I tried creating the first call using plugin API Connector. The Post seems to work but the ‘initialize call’ button doesn’t seem to recognize the JSON response so I can’t get the token back in the system via the response.

Can you show a screenshot of your call.

Here are some screen shots of the api call and returned values.

ok, I was able to figure out the issue. Using Firefox, the returned values modal didn’t show any field mappings. As soon as I switched to Chrome, they showed up no problem. Interesting, is Chrome the only browser supported?

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Chrome or safari work best in my experience