Credit card charge with stripe

I want to collect the user’s credit card data with the stripe API, but they are deleted after a month, how can I keep them longer to make subsequent monthly charges?

Why are they deleted after a month? (or are you asking how to delete them after a month)?

In y case, are you talking about subscriptions? or ad hoc payments?

I used the WF “Collect user CC information”, when I tested it a notification popped up saying “cc information will be kept for a month” or something like that, then I tried again and it didn’t pop up again, I didn’t have used subscriptions.

i dont see it happening. i can collect user card information and it send me to the stripe design page where i am collecting data and successfully return back to my app

And you can keep the cc information all the time you need?

you dont ned to store the data, plugin does it for you. when you check current users credit card.m it gives u all infor like last 4 digits, brand exp month year or cvv and card it as well

you don’t want to save any user financial data like credit cards into your database as it opens you up to possible issues. Best to just let Stripe do what they do best, which is the financial stuff and they have all the security needed.

I mean: can you keep through stripe?

Yes and can retrieve through Stripe, which is the appropriate way to do it.

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