Cretate a list of things inside a thing manually

Hi, I need help to create a list of things manually using the Data Tab, I just need to configure some starting parameters in my app.

I have created a thing called Seed and another thing called Matrix, inside a matrix, there is a collection of seeds, so what I did is to add a property to the Matrix that is a list of seeds. I have already created manually some seeds and some matrices and now I need to link a specific list of seeds in a Matrix object that is already created, but when I try to add the existing seeds the Data tab doesn’t show the list of seed that is already in the database in fact it shows a button called add but it never let’s add anything, this interface is so confusing.

This is the screen shot…

The field you’re looking at there allows you to search for seeds and add one at a time. Unless you have specified anything else, that search field will search for the Seeds Unique ID. You can try typing 16 to try this out - likely it will produce a search results of Seeds identified by their unique ID, looking something like this:


A couple of things you can do here:

Keep using Bubble db editor
Searching by ID is obviously not very practical, so you can change the field you want to search by, using the button below:


There, pick the field that you want to search for, typically Name or something similar. Then, go back and add every item that you need. Keep in mind that you have to click the ADD button for each item, and finally click the SAVE button to save the parent data type.

Build it in the editor
You’ll find that the Bubble db editor is pretty bare bones, and in most cases it’s easier to set up a workflow in your app for yourself, even if it’s for a one-time job. That’s what I would recommend generally. It may feel like it’ll take more time, but unless you have a very small amount of data, it’s highly likely that you can build a much more efficient workflow yourself.

Thanks, It solves it!