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Cross Platform Mobile App Development for MVP

Deliverable is to create a cross platform mobile app (iphone & Android) in less than 6 months. Open to working with a firm or an individual developer. At the end of the project, I would want an app ready for deployment to both Apple and Playstore. When responding, would appreciate to hear your vision on how you would normally hand off at the end of the project. I’m looking for someone able to hand off something turnkey ready at the end of the project.

Areas of support needed:
-Balsamiq/Adalo wireframes
-Web application (mobile responsive and friendly)
-API/server (Authentication, database storage, system, API, DB)
-UX UI design (user experience, light
mockups, high fidelity mockups)
-QA. testing and deployment
-Deployment to Apple Store and Playstore
-Support and Training

The app would fall under a social platform category.

Must be willing to sign an NDA to discuss the details around the app.

Hi! I do most of my work for myself, I´m curious about working with someone else, I have apps with over a 1000 weekly users.

Thanks for sharing this information on App development your post is really amazing and helpful for me keep it up and good luck with your next update…

Hi David,

Thanks for sharing the before-mentioned valuable information. Here you can build a cross-platform app for your specific needs.