Cross Referencing RG List to State List

I need help cross referencing a RG list to Custom state list back to the RG list.

List A are players in a RG.
List B are Active players.

I need to take Current Cell Player in list A and reference to List B. Where in List B CCP%2 is 1 then the opponent is CCP+1 in List B. Or CCP%2 is 0 then the opponent is CCP-1 in List B. Afterwards I then need to take Opp of CCP in List B to List A to properly write Win/Loss value both players.

Am I over thinking this?

Can the logic not happen on a custom state of the repeating group rather than a list?

The repeating group progressively only shows Winners, so it doesn’t change players index.
While Active players list is the exclusion on all losers at any point. The Index of RG players =/= to Active players. RG Player 4 could end up as APL Player 1.

If you know a way where APL becomes the logic, please let me know. Below I posted a picture about what im talking about. I wouldn’t know how to capture the state of each round (IE active players during that round) without affecting the round before it using an outside system.

Presumably at some point you will want to record more than just a loss or win. Does game have an entry? Could you not store a parent game that was wine or lost and reference the order from that?

Thanks for you help it gave me the an idea on how to create a list based on wins greater than or equal to Round -1 when searching for players
It removes the need to find or reference the player based on the whole list.

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