Cross referencing three "lists of texts" on element state


We are trying to implement Twilio Programmable Voice into our Bubble app.

It is functional, but now we’re working on some QoL features like “speaker mode” and muting the microphone.

Speaker mode in particular has me stumped right now. The information I need is stored in these three lists of text on the element:

I kind of need information from all of them -

  1. The media ID I pass to Twilio to determine which output to use is in the first list “media IDs”.
  2. I need to know whether they’re outputs or inputs from the third list.
  3. I need to remove duplicates using the second list, as most of the inputs/outputs show up twice.

So if this were a piece of data, it would be easy. Do a search for output devices where the media kind is “output”, grouped by “label”. (EDIT: Or just filter the default/communications out, they seem to be the cause of the duplicates.)

But it’s not… it’s 3 separate lists.

This is what the action to set the “speaker” looks like, for reference:

Any ideas? I’m hoping there is an obvious solution I am missing.


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