Cross searching other tables to filter repeating group

Hi fellow bubblers.

I am struggling with something and am hoping someone can spot my error straight away.

I am building an app which will be used for presenting performance data. I have performance indicators in table called performance indicators which has data such as which team the indicator belongs to, the user responsible for populating that performance indicator etc. so 1 record for each performance indicator.
I have another table for holding the data associated with that performance indicator called performance data, so a monthly metric will have 12 rows in there, and each reporting month has a due date.

I’m trying to show in a repeating group the list of teams which have outstanding metrics to populate. I am getting no where with my search logic at the moment!!

Basically I am trying to do a search on the unique ID of the performance indicator within the performance data table where Actual (this is where data should be entered) is empty and due date is less than or equal to currentdate/time as shown in the next screen shot


It makes sense in my head but it is not working - so clearly wrong, lol. Can someone please point out what I’m doing wrong? I have tried loads of different combinations after the search term but keep getting a blank…

Help appreciated :innocent:

Thank you

Going away from the problem and coming back to it, I have solved it. So easy in hindsight.

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