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Crowdfunding app to finance your next product launch ✊

Guys I’m about to launch a product next week. I thought I’d share it with you to get feedback.

Makers from bad economies can’t afford to “fail fast”. While it’s a crucial aspect of being a maker.

Go Fund My Launch is going to be a crowdfunding platform to help makers finance their next product launch. Built exclusively with Bubble.

I need help with 2 things:

  • I need to talk to makers who think Go Fund My Launch will help them launch more

  • I need to talk to angels to identify if there can be particular benefits to make them interested in the projects listed here

Youtube DEMO:
Sign up for BETA: A new way to cover your launch expenses

I have posted on Twitter as well. Retweets or comments in there would help me spread the word:

Thanks for the support :fist: