[CSS] Multiple HTML elements change styling after being pressed?

Hi, I have an html element that is split up into tags, with the data source extracted from the DB as a list of texts. I need tags to change from hollow to solid fill after they have been pressed. I was able to get this working but one at a time using the “active” tag with CSS. I need this to work for multiple at a time. I did lots of reading online, all of which said the only way to do that is to use jquery. However, from experience, HTML elements do not support jquery outside of iFrame mode.

Are there any better solutions for this that I might be overlooking? Thank you.


Bump, still need help on this

Just out of interest (I think I know - ‘dynamic widths’), but why are you using a HTML element for this?

@nomorecode Moreso the data is part of a repeating group, so otherwise I would have to use a nested repeating group, which would significantly increase runtime complexity.

Having it as an html does allow for dynamic widths. If I can’t solve this with html I may try repeating groups for this.

Last bump in case anyone has any better solutions than what I’m doing

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