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CSS not working (free-trial)

Hello Everyone,

This is not working in my app. I’ve done this 100 times and I just can’t figure out why…

The ID attributes work because I am using fuzzy search by ZQ. Tested this on a simple button and just about every way you can think of. Installed Classify. Uninstalled classify.

Has anyone else experienced this lately?

Please help me brainstorm some possibilities of what it might be.

Thank you and more importantly, have a safe and enjoyable weekend!

Where are you adding the CSS? Page Header or an HTML element? I don’t think the page header works in a free plan.

HTML Element. First noticed when trying to use Element to image plugin (wanted to have users not see the image when workflow was running).

I uninstalled all plugins.

I just can’t figure this one out. Thanks so much for helping!!!

After bashing my head against the wall for 2 weeks my free-trial finally converted to paid and now the CSS works.

Leaving this up in case it helps anyone or to see if I am crazy.