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CSS Overflow within RG

Hello !

Does anyone has a solution for the issue below (please check screenshot). Basically, I am using BDK Text Editor, and it’s inside a RG. When I am trying to tag a user, the list is being overlapped by the next cell. Someone said it’s going to be fixed by CSS, but the other solutions that I found in the forum didn’t work or maybe just outdated.


Do you have a demo page?
Also, are you using the new responsive engine?

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It’s hard to tell exactly what the problem is without a test page to look at. But if I were to venture a guess, it looks like the list overlay is inside the cell container, and therefore the next cell container will have a higher output z-index value (I’m guessing that it isn’t explicitely set).

One way to fix this, if you have a finite number of cells, is to give each cell position:relative and a descending z-index value (so the first has z-index:3 , the second z-index:2 , etc)

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Honestly, I don’t know how to create a demo page. If you could give me some tutorial videos or links on how to, that would be appreciated. Also, I am not yet using the new responsive engine.

Thanks for giving me an idea. However, I got little to no knowledge about CSS. :smile: . I understand what you mean about the finite number of cells, but I think it would not work because the thing that I am building is more like a social media where you can comment and like to stuff and having finite number of cells would be limiting.

Just create a page that will show the issue and is publicly available and share the link. Someone can go and check which CSS is needed for you to get it work

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I believe you can check what the issue in this link: Your Bubble app . Thanks!

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