CSV file as reference

@emmanuel @josh

I have seen a number of threads related to this question but I don’t believe I saw an official answer. Is there some systemic or operational reason why the creation of CSV files is not accessible as a reference? In other words, if I wanted to have a button that when clicked, caused a CSV file to get created and then referenced in an email OR sent to a Plugin (like a DropBox plugin) or referenced in an API call, is there any reason that is not possible, other than “we haven’t built it yet”?

It seems that the download a CSV file feature creates a file, and causes the browser to download it, so the file must exist and a reference to the file must exist. Given that, are there technical constraints to letting that reference be used in a workflow instead?




This is currently not possible as the file is generated in the browser, therefore cannot be used in subsequent actions. So enabling referring to the file is a fairly important change in how this feature change. We want to fix this at some point, but don’t have a timeline yet.