CSV File to Json Converter API?

I need to build out a feature where a user can upload new records using a CSV file. The problem with the built in “Upload data as CSV” is that the following steps in the Workflow does not have any options to pick up the response data from the previous upload step that would show(ex. number of records added, list of the records just added ). I need to be able to show the user how many new records were successfully added from his csv file, I also need the ability to “Make Changes to List of Things” on the records that were just added.

So the solution I came up was to find a CSV to JSON converter API and then feed the JSON file to Bubble’s database via API Workflow Endpoint (I am assuming I can do a array count of the results array in the JSON to get the total number of records and create a temporary list of the “Unique ID’s” of each thing and then use that LIST to “Make Changes to list of things” ). Anyone have a better idea or know a csv to json converter tool that has a API