CSV formatting for Composite field recognition

I’m trying to upload a roster of team members with their name, title, etc. I’ve also made a few associations to connect each team member to a department and a team.

Type Team Member:
-Name - text
-Title - text
-Job Function - text
-Start Date - date
-tm - For Department - department
-tm - For Team - team

Type Team:
Team Name - text

Type Department:
Department Name - text

I’d like to have the ability for managers to upload a csv with their team rosters using the file uploader tool, but when the data is uploaded, the composite fields don’t know where to map, so those fields are deleted on upload.

on the back end, we have the ability to select which field it should map to with the dropdown, but that’s not available through the file uploader.

Is there a way to format the data in the CSV so we can tell it to map to tm - For Department > Department Name?

Thanks in advance!

Same problem here

Me too. I wanna allow to users upload csv files by yourselves, cause it would be hundreds of files daily.