CSV import error: "doesn't look like a real number. Please check: this is the entry number" on values >999.999

When importing a csv file I run into the above error anytime a number field is greater than 999.99. When I have a number such as 1,123.34 (1123.34).

What to do here?


@emmanuel is this a bug?

The issue is likely the comma. Make your numbers as plain vanilla as you possibly can. (No commas, no currency signs).

Why 999? 999 is the final three digit number. 1,000 is the first four digit number. It is also the first potential case where you have a comma. That’s why 999 is your upper bound.

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Hi. Yeah I know it has to do with the comma but the source of the data exports it that way. What’s interesting to me is the fields without the comma are formatted in such a way that the commas wouldn’t appear. But somehow the cells with the commas are formatted to show them.

So our current work around is to pay attention to the data prior to uploading and make the appropriate formats changes for the affected cells.

This is an inefficient process though. I would like to know why numbers with thousands indicators (commas) are seen as not real numbers.

I learned about imaginary numbers in high school but not about not-real numbers. :wink:

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