CSV of Repeating Group without "Full List"


I want to download a repeating group to CSV, which includes embedded data type, but I don’t want the full list to be displayed.
I have tried various plugins but they all require the full list to be shown. Anyone got a solution to this?


Hey @alan.mackintosh1 ,

you can do it in two ways:

  1. without repeating group
    1. create a workflow on any element action e.g. click on, page load, etc.
    2. data(things) > download data as CSV
    3. data type(what you want) = user(for example)
    4. source = do a search for users
    here you can extract the data you want by adding constraint then sort it

  2. with RG
    just simply do as above but in RG then add work flow for download data as CSV. give it type user and in source: repeating group’s list of user.(because you have alrady extracted the data you wanted in RG)

hope this will be the solution you for your problem.


Have you tried CSV Creator?

I’ve been using it to export things from my DB. You just need to generate the right JSON to pick and choose what fields from your Thing to be exported.

Both these solutions would give unique IDs for embedded data types.

so will there be any issue?

yes, my users would need to be able to see related fields within the embedded data.

This is perfect! THanks!