CSV Upload issues

Struggling with the Data Import at a the moment.

I have a lat / long that I have used Blockspring in a spreadsheet to get from Google Places. This obviously has a comma in it, so changed it to be a pipe seperated.

But it won’t upload. It validates OK, but then is stuck on Upload being greyed out. I have uploaded csvs before.

What am I doing wrong here ?

Also, how do I import a Boolean ?

It’s a bit hard to help like this. Can you send us an email at support at the file and a place in your app to test?

Well, it is working as a pipe delimited import now :smile:

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What value would you put in a spreadsheet if you want to express “True” for a boolean value. Trying to import a csv, but don’t know how to pass boolean values.

At a guess Yes/No ?

I tried using Yes, 1 and TRUE as CSV values for “yes”, but they did not work. I was converting a google spreadsheet to CSV which has worked for other types of CSV uploads, but it wont recognize those as boolean entries.

I believe it’s “true” (all lowercase)

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When I type “true” into Google Spreadsheets it automatically converts it to “TRUE”. I tried typing it as “true” with the quotation marks as well so that it would keep it formatted as text, but that was a no go when I tried to import it into bubble.

@hvac_designer - you can do 'true


Thanks, 'true works!

I see this as a bug because boolean values when exported to CSV are exported as yes

Thanks, vlad! This really helped me today. 'true and 'false works for exporting google sheets with yes/no booleans into Bubble.

So just to clarify the protocol for Uploading a CSV intending to map to a yes/no data type:

If the outcome is derived as boolean on Google Sheets (e.g. an “if” formula produces a true statement), use " 'true " in the formula to define for yes/true.

However, if you want to upload a value and store as a “yes/no” data type, you want that value to be “true” or “false,” not " 'true" or " 'false" - so drop the apostrophe.

Hope this helps – I just wasted a bunch of time trying to figure this out before I finally did a search here =/.

So I ran in the same issue for uploading booleans, and your explanation definitly helped, thanks! :slight_smile:

However, I find it quite strange that if I export data using the bubble “export” function in the app data pannel, I cannot directly upload it without modifying all the “yes/no” (or in my case the oui/non since it seems to be localized) to “true/false”.

I think we should be able to directly upload to bubble a file exported by bubble without the need for modifications (for instance to perform a data backup) :slight_smile: