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I want to use csvbox.io in my app
CSV Excel Importer | csvbox.io Plugin | Bubble

Now it should be possible to fill out the data field"created by" automatic with the user…
Right now it fills always “Created by (App admin)”

That’s bc either there is no user, or you’re not utilizing the ‘run as’ link from the data entry itself on the user you’d wish to show up there in the created by field.

I am running as a user


yes like this

I just tested in my app with login form, and also there I get Created by “App Admin”

@doug.burden maybe you can quickly try it in your application :slight_smile:

@doug.burden any results of this? Or do you have another idea for easy CSV Upload?

bubble handles uploading csv already. why can’t you just use that?

I wanted to use the easy upload function from csvbox to auto detect missing fields …

From what I can tell, you can’t update the created by column. However, I worked around this by creating another column and then passed the user_id to CSV box, who can then send it back when the row is created. Here’s how:

  1. Add a new user field to the destination data type. I called mine “Requestor”.
  2. When you set up the uploader plug in, set the user_id = current user’s id.
  3. Now in CSVBox, you can map the attribute user_id to your destination field and it will come through.
    You can also pass any other fields you want using the custom attributes. In my example, I also passed a file_id that I use.
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Yes thanks, that was than also my idea. Do you replaced the csvbox button with your own? Or do you have an idea how I can replace it :smiley: