CTO at UK-based Green Travel Tech Startup (no agencies)

Please send your CV with a covering email to rebecca@ecosytravel.co.uk. You need the right to work in the UK for this role.

Starting salary: £40,000 pro rata + negotiable equity
Part-time: 3 days per week

Who we are

Ecosy Travel is tech for good company that’s revolutionising the way we travel. We’re developing an online travel booking platform to make it easy for people to book eco escapes, fully optimised to minimise emissions. We’re a team of two co-founders and our first two employee, a data scientist & content marketer, all working remotely but meeting in-person at least once a month. This role will take over from our founding CTO, who will remain on as an advisor/director as long as necessary to ensure a smooth transition.

We’re passionate about travel, conservation and nature, and want to use our skills to make a difference to the climate agenda. Ecosy is a certified social enterprise so the majority of our profits will be reinvested in our social mission to reduce the climate impact of the travel & tourism sector. As a social enterprise we are also committed to creating an inclusive and supportive work culture that reflects our passion for a just transition to a green economy.

We support flexible working, including the opportunity to work remotely while travelling.

The role

Tourism accounts for 8-11% of global greenhouse gas emissions. Based on current country pledges, aviation emissions are projected to rise 80% by 2030. Transport is one of the hardest-to-decarbonise sectors and horizon technologies for aviation are still many years away from delivering the emission reductions we need today. It is therefore essential we coordinate a reduction in demand for carbon-intensive modes of transport.

The CTO will be responsible for managing the technical development of Ecosy’s green travel search & booking platform and leading its research & development team. They will lead on web-app development, ensuring front and back end development meets the project requirements. They will be working closely with the CEO to shape the product development, and with the data scientist and web developers (new hire) to execute technology development.

Ecosy Travel’s booking platform has been developed using the no code development platform bubble.io. The CTO will lead the ongoing development within bubble.io and the integration with APIs and plug-ins. Ecosy’s carbon-optimised routing algorithm has been written in python on AWS, using APIs such as google maps.

This is an exciting opportunity to join the team in the early days as one of the first team members of the company. This is a remote or hybrid role (London-based). Ecosy has been awarded an Innovate UK grant for the development of its novel booking platform which will begin in Nov-23. The project includes funding for the CTO for 1 year at £40,000 pro-rata for 3 days per week. We are now starting to secure our first clients and revenues, and are continuing to seek new funding sources for the company. The salary and work pattern is therefore subject to ongoing review. This will be a full-time permanent position once it is full-funded but we are open to discussing flexible working, including job shares, 4 day weeks and flexible patterns of work.


  • Technical oversight of product development
  • Line management responsibilities for research & development team
  • Web-app development work
  • Product testing
  • Tech stack development
  • Procurement of API solutions and web-app plug-ins
  • Management of environmental and social impact of tech stack

Who we’re looking for


  • Full stack developer.
  • Proficiency in Python coding language.
  • Proven skills and experience developing computational algorithms to solve problems.
  • Excellent and demonstrable organisational skills and ability to work to tight deadlines.
  • Commitment to using tech innovations to unlock today’s biggest society challenges, including the climate crisis.


  • Managerial experience, leadership skills and collaborative team member.
  • Experience working with GHG emissions data.
  • Experience with backend integrations with third-parties, i.e. APIs, data.
  • Knowledge of sustainability and climate debate.
  • Quick to develop new skills and work with new software platforms, i.e. no code.
  • Interest in social entrepreneurship.

If you are disabled and have the essential skills and experience to do the job we will invite you to an interview. If you need information in a different format please let us know.

We will make use of positive action to select between candidates of equal merit as a way to address under-representation in our workforce.

You want to hire someone who will manage the entire technical development and product roadmap of your application, is both a full-stack developer AND excellent with Bubble for $24,000 per year?

$40k * .6 =$24k

Or perhaps they meant the other way around?

Thanks for the messages. It is a part-time role so pro-rata is £24K (not USD). We’re a pre-revenue startup (funded by a grant) and a social enterprise so we’re not able to offer a high salary at this stage of the business, but the role is for a co-founder so the the package will include negotiable equity in the business. We’re excited to find someone passionate about the project and committed to the mission of the business.

As ever there is some scope to negotiate but this is what we have funded within our grant. And of course as it’s only a part-time role they would be able to balance this with ongoing freelance work.

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I am intrested can i get a bit more information.

Hi Nasir,

Feel free to send any questions about the role to rebecca@ecosytravel.co.uk