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Long time / first time! Letting everybody know about a project I’ve been working on:

Since 2010, I’ve listened to over 500 audiobooks and countless hours of podcasts. Put another way, I’m a huge audio fan.

In that time, finding quality podcasts has been a constant pain. Recommendation lists are always hit or miss, and there are many gems that fly under the radar. The “top” rated podcasts often feature the most recognizable names, not necessarily the best content. In general, sifting through the latest and greatest just takes a lot of time and effort.

A few friends reached out looking for recommendations – then a few more – and finally I decided to build an app around the idea. Right now, the functionality is very limited, as this is a side project. If there is more public interest in the idea, then I will focus on building better curation tools, email connectivity, etc.

Also looking for curators. I gotta believe my fellow Bubblers like podcasts, so please drop me a line via the site if you have recommendations, feedback, or ideas.



The longest listener


Love this, I was just thinking the other day how there are so many great Podcasts hidden within a Podcasters list of shows.

Especially the ones who do daily shows… I am never going to go back and listen to them all, but I definitely would like to know about the hidden gems in that list.

Congrats on the launch!

Great idea! I’m like you, always on the search for good podcasts, and they’re surprisingly hard to find. Gonna keep my eye on this one :slight_smile: