Curious about network calls

Hey there, I put together a very simple landing page:
and am noticing a few network calls like:

POST /user/hi
POST /elasticsearch/mget
POST /user/m
POST /user/apm
POST /frg

Not a big deal, but they seem unnecessary?

Bumping this!

looks like a runtime feature / metrix / heartbeat monitoring loop …
from quick pass in network tab of devtools. For comp purpose , open tab on a gmail session … you will see the same sort of stuff and i would not worry about it.

Fat client run-time over http means alot of network traffic.
If you are more tech inclined and also inclined to let net action concern you then just learn how to run lighthouse out of devtools and look that over. IMO, bubble will not come out great but noone is into B for ~100 MS page loads …

Yeah, which is reasonable. But elasticsearch? Really?

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