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Curious Custom-Format Time Display Issue

Hey everybody - hope you’re all well. I’m having a bit of an unexpected outcome on a custom format time display and I’m wondering if anyone’s ever seen something similar before.

Basic Background - this is a three-sided (end user, business user, admin) scheduling app for events and workshops where the business user inputs the schedule and the user can view those workshops and book/pay for spaces through platform.

One specific consideration here is that the business user wants to enter start times for the events in the local time at the location where the event happens and then view those times in the local time at the event location. To achieve this, we set up a timeshift on the input then display the classes in local time at the event location.

All of that seems to be working fine with one curious exception - when displaying the times (both on the business-side and end-user schedule), our custom formatted times are disappearing in certain cases. Easiest to view in the schedule below (times highlighted in yellow at the bottom of the page) to frame the issue.

We’ve confirmed that all of the missing times are in fact in the DB and that checks out because when we filter by class type (on the left) the times for the events show up where they’re missing in the general display. The only real clue we have is that the rows in the repeating group where the times are missing are consistently the 4th and 7th rows in both the filtered and unfiltered state (despite these being different events in each case).

Has anyone ever seen this before either related to custom dates/timezones or other elements of a repeating group?

Thanks in advance for any thoughts!