Current anonymous user gets deleted too soon - Shopping cart problem


I just started my webshop and I ran into a problem.
My customers are allowed to put items in their cart while logged out. In this case, the “cart_item” record has an empty “user” field (for the current user). In theory bubble keep the anonymus data for 72 hours via cookies. In reality though the current user becomes a “deleted thing” in the database within 1 hour and the customer loses their anonymus cart. I tested this on 4 mobile phones and one PC. I lost my cart on all of them within 45 minutes, instead of the 72 hours.

Has anyone else noticed something like this recently? I feel like this is new, as I have tested this exact thing many times during development and would have noticed this behaviour.

What options do I have? Should I make my own cookies?

Thanks a lot!

Edit: Got to my PC, so I made a picture of the “cart_item” records for better understanding.

Not sure, but i guess its related with 2fa or something, because once i tried to generate token for bubble use to use in API workflow, i read somewhere that without 2fa the token is valid for 72 hours and 2fa enable its valid for less time i don’t remember how much.

Is your 2fa enable ?

I’m noticing the same thing as well, Anonymous Current User data disappearing after a short time on certain devices.

This is different, I am not using any API here, just the standard bubble cookie for anonymous user, which is automatic and as far as I know I have no influence on any of its settings.
I do not have 2fa enabled, it is only available in a bigger plan.