Current cell index stop showing above 20


I want to display the current cell’s index for a crypto price tracker, but the cell index stop showing at around 20 and only shows 31, 41, 51 ,61 etc.

I have no conditional on my repeating group, the repeating group is also set to show all items immediatly, I populate the repeating group with an API that got the top 100 cryptos, so way over 20. The rest of the datas show up perfectly until 100.

Any ideas?

Screenshot at Jan 12 18-45-58

If the problem is:
The content (text of the index) is larger than the element or group it’s in.

Then a solution could be:
Make everything “fit width to content”.

The reason I think this is because the character “1” is relatively narrow. So that’s why all single digit indexes and indexes that use “1” are showing up.

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You’re a life savior, the number were contained in a fixed width and height container that was too small for the largest numbers :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

You’re welcome! Sometimes these can be the most mind bending things to find :joy:

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