"Current geographic position", free to use?

Hello, i’m using “Current geographic position” on my iPhone app, and i use alot of API request every day.

Some time ago i tried to make a my own GET request to distance matrix api, to calculate distance between my users. When i did that, i could see that i used alot of API request when i checked on Google dev console.

But now when i use this “Current geographic position”, i don’t see that it make any calls, so i guess that means it’s free?

Does anyone know why it’s free, when the GET request isn’t free?

I just want to make sure that it is free so i don’t get a extreme bill in the future.

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You are using the Bubble account. So eventually, it can be blocked (too many request in hour or day). I’m sure you will be noticed (or everything will simply stopped). I suggest to open an account with google api if possible. Nothing free at the end :wink: or be prepared.

I read somewhere on Google that if you use “Distance matrix” API for a mobile app, you have unlimited api calls, but i’m not sure if my app counts as a app, when i show everything on a webview.

Thanks for your reply!