Current Page Data not displaying in Dropdown Element


I can’t seem to figure out why my data won’t display for my scheduling dropdowns. I want the user to be able to see the schedule they’ve selected. I’ve tried a few different ways to display the default value including (parentgroup and currentpage) but it seems like I’m completely missing something because I’ve done this type of things several times before and never ran into this. Here’s the link: Wowcater | Bubble Editor

Thank you in advance!

Hi @david30 :wave:
I looks like you are trying to send data from “Reusable element” (navbar menu) to page (Vendor scheduling)
Maybe that’s why its not working (I am not sure)

May be this post can help…

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Your page is of type ‘vendor availability’. You need to make sure you send data to this page. When you open this link for example, you will see the data.

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