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Current Page Name Needs to be better

Although this new feature is helpful, it could really have been done better.

For example, it would be so much better if we could instead of having to use a text based operator, instead it is a drop down selector of the actual pages in our app, just like the go to page workflow action would provide a list of all pages.

Reason this would be better is that in the event we change a page name, we would not need to seek all uses of current page name and change those as well. Same idea as to why using option sets is so much easier compared to a text based conditional, the page selector would be so much easier than a text based conditional for page name.


I’ve often thought this @boston85719


This one’s always been inconsistent with the rest of Bubble’s design.

Fully agree. Pages could be even be a kind of non-deleteable option set, with attribues