Current Page Thing not shown in Inspector Tool

I am unable to see the content type of the page when using the inspector tool. The issue is the page has a content type set, say ‘Product’ and when I use the inspector tool and select the page, the current page product value is not displayed.

Am I crazy to believe that it had always been displayed in the past and that it not being displayed now is a bug?

has anybody else experienced this bug when they use the inspector tool to check the current page thing, is the value displayed on the page element within the inspector tool?

Pretty sure there’s always been a value there in the past. :thinking:

Does the page have a slug or unique ID at end you can use to cross check?

It does have the slug value there, so yes there is a way to go into the database and verify

That was my thought as well, which is why I view this as a bug and not a missing feature. I could almost certainly say (99%) that we always had this value displayed in the inspector tool in the past.

I submitted a bug report but the support agent says that value was never displayed in the past and that I should post the idea to the idea board.

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