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Current User Device Info

Hi guys - is there a way to easily add “current user’s device info” as a standard input option similar to “current geographic position?” I’d like to integrate OneSignal for push notifications and it requests device OS as a parameter. The use case and potential workflow would be that when the user signs up or logs in, a field associated with User could be tagged with the “current device’s [OS, phone type, IP, etc.]” similar to “current geographic position’s [lat, lon, etc.]”

It’s not clear to me how to do this using GA or Mixpanel plugins. Maybe there’s a way to do this with the GA and Mixpanel APIs, but seems like it would involve a lot steps/be unnecessarily slow.

I’d imagine this will benefit a lot of people, especially anyone thinking about building for mobile. Thanks!

At this stage as we’re in early beta for mobile it’s not clear yet what kind of options we should offer yet. I would use GA or Mixpanel first for a quick turnaround on this.

Ok - no worries. I’ll just add phone choice as field on user registration until I can figure out how to make it work with GA/Mixpanel and API Connector – anyone else have success identifying/authenticating users in real-time using these APIs?

My thought is that the workflow may be something like: when page loads, trigger Mixpanel event (POST), GET Even_ID created in last step, GET Event_Info with Event_ID created in last step, GET Event_Device_Type (not sure if these are real endpoints, but something like that). I’m going to play around with this approach when I get more time, but if anyone has already done something similar and can advise, please let me know!