Current user dont show info

tell me step by step what I do worng

Make sure the parent group is set and collecting the info you want to display.

(you didn’t show what you have a parent set to)


There’s a couple of possible things that might be wrong here. Off the top of my head, the parent group’s data source might be empty like what @TomIsCool said.

I’m assuming business details is the only datatype that you have right now so you’d have to search for the specific business detail that you want to show.

One possible thing is you also have not properly connected the datatypes together (if you have other data types)

Please show us more screenshots or provide more details for us to help you better.


Most probably it’s a datatype relationship problem or a privacy rules problem

I do correct ?

The group’s data source is set to the Current User's Bussiness detail. So, are you logged in as a user who has an item in their Bussiness detail field? If you are, try removing the privacy rule on the User data type to see if the data shows up. If it does, you know it’s related to the privacy rule, and you can then work on building a new rule(s) that meets the needs of your app while still protecting the data.

I deleted it and still the same.

You didn’t answer the question in the first part of my reply.

I posted and you didn’t see it.
as a user I has an item in Bussiness detail field? this is I already have right?

I did see that, and that isn’t what I am talking about. Look at your User data type and see if the user that you are logged in as has a value in their Bussiness detail field.

I dont understand . can you tell me how to show current user 's shop logo in that image box ?

You shared a screenshot of the data in your Bussiness details data type. I am telling you to look at the data in your User data type and see if the users (or specifically, the user you are logging in as) have values in the Bussiness details field. I’m not sure how to make what I am asking any clearer.

It looks like he has a reference to the Business Details data type in the user. I think it’s the same thing.

Yes, he does, and as I mentioned, the parent group’s data source is Current User's Bussiness details. My guess is the current user doesn’t have a value in their Bussiness details field, but maybe I am just talking nonsense here, and I should see myself out of this thread.

come on it not take longer then 20 mim I just want to learn ok

how do I check my logging user hav value or not hav ?

if my user logging dont hav value how I can fix it?

ok I can fix now . u know what if u just tell me to set value at Make changes to current user something like this eveything will be a lot easier