Current user's --- how to access data in other database types

I have a question about the database.
I would like to connect data of the default “User” type and a newly added “Seller User” type.

I would like to reference the data of the "Seller User "Type by specifying the condition ‘Current user’—. At the moment I am trying to do the following, but I am not able to reference from Current user. I would like to know how to solve this problem.

(1) Fieled name=“Seller User” in "User "Type, Field type="Seller User Create a new field as “Seller User” in “User” Type

(2) I tried to add “Unique ID” of any row of “Seller User” Type to the field I created, but could not create a conditional expression to add the value of Unique ID. However, the conditional expression to add the value of Unique ID could not be created.

However, we could not create a conditional expression to add the value of the Unique ID. Field type=“User” for “Seller User” Type

(4) Add “Current user’s email” of “User” Type to the created field.

(5) Although the “Seller User” type successfully refers to the “User” type data, the reverse is not possible, and I am having trouble.

unique ID’s are created automatically in bubble, so you don’t need to add it.
if you created a field of the type " Seller User" in the users table, you can now assign a “Seller User” to each user.
If you do it from a workflow you would use “change a thing” flow, and then Seller User = …
If you are trying to put data directly “app data” tab you will see that the “Seller User” is a search field so you can search for the Seller User you want to assign. Note that by default bubble searched by the unique ID it created (which is a long GUID). so you may want to click on “change search field” and change the matching to a more human friendly field

the Author Profile field in my User table is very similar…

Resolved. Thanks!!

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