Currently building a cad that will be free, what are some features you’d want?

I’m currently building a realistic cad that will be completely free with no paid features. What are some features i should add to make it stand out?

have it as an all in one. like have a police,fire/ems,dispatch cad and have voice channles for every one including civs

If you’re building a free cad for everyone, I suggest you to stop at once. Why? For what reason would you wanna make a free cads that someone will steal and claim as their own? Why go through the pain of cad development for nothing, free cads means poor quality coding.

Actually I’m not going to give away the code or the project at all. Users create their cad inside the site, and then invite their members.

Also I’ve put a ton of time and effort into it. It has a lot of features that most existing cads don’t. I’m just making this to improve my skill with bubble. I’ll just be using bubble’s free hosting so I’m not gonna lose money, nor am I going to make money either

Yeah, that’s what I’m doing