Custom CheckBoxes and Issues with connecting selections to database

I have been stuck on this for a week. I created custom check boxes with a list of options because i was not happy with the default checkbox option. Now I am utterly incapable of linking any of these sections to the database. What I am trying to accomplish: When one or more of these check boxes are checked or “yes”. I want to add a playstyle to a list of a Users playstyles_selections… I created this checkbox using multiple “states” with yes/no to get a hover affect and and HTML element to get the actual Check mark. Is that why this is so hard?


How’s your DB modelled?
i.e. how are the user’s selections stored? Are they individual boolean attributes, or added to a list of things, or etc

EDIT: Sorry I just reread your post and I see it in there.

A few ways to accomplish this. Simplest but most problematic for long-term upkeep is to call individual “Make Changes to thing” DB task in your workflow and set “playstyles_selections add item casual” and then set “Only When” to Your_Custom_Casual_Checkbox is checked. Call 6 of them.

A way to call it all in one is call “Make Changes to thing” and set 6 rows of additions for each of your play styles. For each one, it would like:

playstyles_selections add item Your_Custom_Casual_Checkbox is “Yes”:formatted as text

Then in the formatted as text, set the values as Casual for Yes and delete No as blank. A lot of power in setting :formatted as text on boolean values.