Custom data fields

I need some help with understanding custom data fields. I have two data types booking and trip.

I’d like to use trip as the data type for trip and price in booking but i’m not sure how to associate it in the database. I tried putting in the name or the unique ID of an entry from trip but the system won’t accept it.
What can I do to make this work?

For your booking’s price field, don’t use a trip data type. Just use a number field.

As for the trip field in your booking data type, you can add a trip to your booking in the workflows by simply referencing the trip. You don’t need to get the unique ID or name.

In the data tab, you can add the trip to your booking by copying the unique ID of the trip and pasting it in the trip field of your booking.

Make sure to wait for the dropdown-like (or whatever it’s called) to appear and click the unique ID


Thanks you for your help. I have two follow up questions.

  1. Can you show me the procedure of referencing a data type (trip in my case) in workflow?

  2. I have another data type called trip image.

    I figured out how to associate it with image from trip data type but i’m not sure how to display this on the screen using an image element. This is what I tried.