Custom Domain Backend data not populating

Hi All,

I’ve connected my domain succesfully and it pops up when I search it but none of the data seems to be connected (I can’t login, I can’t view any items in repeating groups, or any other data that is in the backend).

Has anyone run into this issue before / know what it’s caused by and how to fix?

I’ve connected the domain ~50 hours ago. Thank you!

It’s not related to your domain - something else like Privacy Rules or workflow setup

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did you deploy to live and are looking at the live app? If so you need to copy development data to live data in the editor from the data panel.

Thank you both!! @boston85719 had the right solution for my specific issue!

For other first time deployers facing this issue:
As Boston mentioned, my test data was only in the development database and once I copied over using the “copy and restore database” function in the “App Data” panel it worked (obviously will delete the test data but great to see it works live!)

Thanks again for the assist :slight_smile: